muuun lands in Germany partnering with Securitas Alert Services

Peace of mind is what we are looking for when it comes to protecting the family, and property or ensuring wellbeing. Soon the brand-new, subscription-based, NB IoT connected, all-in-one smoke and carbon monoxide detection system muuun will be landing in German households. A joint security partnership combines the newest technology from the manufacturer Eldes with state-of-the-art alarm services from Securitas Alert Services GmbH. 

A smart next-generation smoke and carbon monoxide detection system is infinitely better than your average smoke alarm. muuun was developed as a stand-alone alarm system with Narrowband LTE connectivity to protect lives and assets from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. In case a fire or carbon monoxide erupts, a traditional alert beep sound is heard at the property. What is most important, the alarm signal is forwarded to the Securitas alarm receiving center. This is a significant advantage, compared to simple smoke alarms, because you are immediately contacted and informed about what‘s happening at home by the operators of Securitas. In case you are at work, on holiday, or can not come home quickly, the local fire department will be informed. For the muuun, it is all about prevention over intervention.

Moreover, customers get access to the MySecuritas App – a new Securitas customer portal for the Remote Services application. It allows customers to manage and change important information on a smartphone or PC individually (e.g., change contact data, and receive push notifications when the alarm is triggered).

Subscription-based, NB IoT connected, all-in-one smoke and carbon monoxide detection system is now available from Securitas in Germany (technology + monitoring services+ interaction).

  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Daily automatic function test of the sensor
  • Battery powered
  • DYI plug-and-play with easy self-installation
  • Independent of local infrastructure
  • Device management via customer platform (app or PC)
  • Compliant with EU regulations

Take security into your own hands wherever you go. Enjoy enhanced protection even if you are not at home. Securitas will take care of the immediate measures and ensure your safety. Be the first to land muuun in your home. Find out more and reserve muuun here:

Every second counts. Fire destroys lives and dreams in just 3 minutes

Electricity, open fire, defective electrical products, lightning strikes, a malfunction in the heating system, or human error claim hundreds of fire victims every year. Everyone knows the risk that a fire can pose. But few know that 90% of people die not from the fire itself but toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide. Before a fire breaks out, the highly toxic gas carbon monoxide is released. Plenty of people can’t tell one smoke detector from another when they walk through a building or do a home inspection before purchasing their next piece of property. But the difference between an old-fashioned smoke alarm and the innovative detectors that have been patented by muuun is life-changing. With the latest in smart smoke detector technology, you greatly enhance your chances of keeping your home, your family, your pets, and your planet safe from the dangers of smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide.

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