Take security into your own hands

Meet the muuun, a smart next-generation smoke and carbon monoxide detection system for your home.

Get Smart

The muuun has an app that is as smart as they come. It is an integral part of your home safety system, which you can take with you – having security close at hand in your pocket, wherever you may go.

Safety that’s beautiful

You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to protect your home. We’ve designed the muuun to fit in with any interior without disturbing it. It’s about much more than aesthetics though. Sensors hidden beneath the surface of the muuun collect smoke to measure it accurately.

Sets up in no time

The entire process of installing the muuun is so easy it’s actually kind of boring: DIY plug-and-play with seamless app integration, and you’re good to go.

Knows about a fire before the fire does

In the moments before a fire erupts, the highly poisonous gas carbon monoxide (CO) is emitted. You can’t smell it or see it. That’s why the muuun is equipped with one of the most sensitive carbon monoxide detectors available.

An app to be over the muuun about

Our app gives you full control of your muuun system. It lets you monitor the temperature, see the history of events, and review other useful information about the home and the general condition of the product.

Phone alerts

When no one’s home, all family members get notifications as soon as something’s not right.

Tips & tricks

The app offers advice about things like the best place to install the muuun based on your floorplan and more.

Provides feedback

After a long day’s work, the muuun will report back to you about temperature dynamics, the health of sensors and other valuable information.

Discover why the muuun deserves a place in every home:

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Our mission is a world where all homes are safe and smart

Here’s what our clients have to say about the muuun.

I feel like my home is actually a fortress now that I have muuun. I’m not anxious anymore because I know that there’s muuun to protect it, and I can check it remotely. This gives me great pleasure.

– John

My kids are the most important thing to me. As any mother would, I am always concerned about their safety, and I constantly worry about leaving them at home alone. Thanks to muuun I can be sure about their safety while I’m at work.

– Sarah

My elderly father has Alzheimer’s, but due to my work i cannot be around him all the time. I check up on him daily, but when I’m away, I know he is okay, all thanks to muuun.

– Leroy

I have two dogs at home who I love the most! But there is no way to take them with me when I go to work. I used to come back and check to see if they are okay. Now that I have muuun I can be sure about their safety remotely.

– Ingrid

Oh boy do I love my summer home. I take lengthy measures to protect it from anything that might happen. This is why I chose muuun to secure it even further. It is very comforting to know my summer house is safe while I am away.

– Marcus

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