Take security into your own hands

Meet the muuun, a smart next-generation smoke and carbon monoxide detection system for your home.

Smart way to grow

Discover the muuun smoke and CO detector, featuring NbIoT connectivity, an elegant design, and extended battery life. Equipped with an integrated temperature sensor and API for seamless partner ecosystem integration, our detector ensures safety and intelligence in every environment. Available as a white-label product, Muuun offers a robust solution to expand your B2B/B2C offerings and grow your MRR.

Safety that’s beautiful

You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to protect your home. We’ve designed the muuun to fit in with any interior without disturbing it. It’s about much more than aesthetics though. Sensors hidden beneath the surface of the muuun collect smoke to measure it accurately.

Sets up in no time

The entire process of installing the muuun is so easy it’s actually kind of boring: DIY plug-and-play, and you’re good to go.

Knows about a fire before the fire does

In the moments before a fire erupts, the highly poisonous gas carbon monoxide (CO) is emitted. You can’t smell it or see it. That’s why the muuun is equipped with one of the most sensitive carbon monoxide detectors available.









Utilize Muuun’s comprehensive ecosystem to access real-time device information and receive critical alerts for fire and CO detection to keep your customers protected.

Alert your customers

Empower your business with the capability to develop custom alert services, keeping your customers informed and safe.

Integrate to your ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems through our robust API, enhancing your service offerings and operational efficiency.

Discover why the muuun deserves a place in every home:

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