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    Here’s why muuun deserves a place in every home:

    Carefully thought-out minimalistic design

    Little attention to design

    Always in touch with you via the app

    Sound alarm only

    Fully do-it-yourself installation

    Usually needs a professional to install

    Battery-powered for use anywhere

    Works only where it’s installed

    Detects both smoke and CO

    Only detects smoke or CO

    Developed by Eldes

    We began as a start-up 15 years ago with the lofty mission of pioneering new technologies for the security and safety of homes. In those days, escaping a fire was much easier – we typically had some 17 minutes to get out. Nowadays, due to construction methods and more flammable furniture, we’re left with only 3 or 4 minutes before a fire is blazing.

    So the future of security and safety belongs to those who develop innovative solutions and intelligent home systems. Staying focused on our mission, we aim to create a world where all homes are safe and smart.